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Welcome to Outlier Planning, a new approach to urban planning consulting. As our name suggests, Outlier is unlike any other planning firm you’ve ever seen.

We believe that the current practice of consulting in the planning field has deep, serious flaws that, with today’s technology and cutting-edge business practices and a willingness  to think a little differently, can be solved. Outlier Planning exists to bring change to the practice of planning consulting and to both educate and be educated by citizens interested in planning the future of their communities. By doing these things, we believe we can have positive impacts well beyond our projects: new standards for accountability and transparency, better-informed and better-equipped citizens leading to a better-functioning participatory democracy and, maybe even a world a little better off.

Whether you are a citizen interested in learning more about planning issues (see blog), a potential client interested in one of our services or just want to know more about us, Welcome to our site. We encourage you, too, to become an Outlier. Because good enough, just isn’t good enough!

Our Principles

Outlier Planning’s practice is built around five Principles:

Please click on the principles below to read more about each.

True Collaboration



Synergistic Improvement

News and Events

Outlier Planning launches with new approach to planning consulting in Florida

Outlier Planning launches today in a bid to become a new model for how urban planning consultants in Florida conduct business.  The new firm is based on five principles – accountability, true collaboration, efficiency, cutting edge and  continue reading  >>

Green Communities

As the world’s population continues to expand…

and demand for natural resources intensifies, the environmental impact of planning and development decisions can no longer be an afterthought.  Global climate change, air pollution, water availability and cleanliness, stability of food supplies and the variety of  continue reading  >>

Our Planning Services

Outlier Planning offers a variety of planning and zoning services in Florida.

We provide services primarily for local governments focusing particularly on smaller municipalities. Services include, but are not limited to: Evaluation and Appraisal Reports (EAR), Plan Amendments, Capital Improvements Updates, Neighborhood Plans, Planning Studies, GIS/Custom Mapping, Development Review/Permitting and Expert Planning Analysis.

Experience you can Trust

Firm Principal, Brandon Schaad, AICP, LEED® AP possesses a broad background in planning…

with a diverse array of experience that allows him to approach planning issues and the profession with a unique perspective.  While his experience is concentrated in Florida, he has also worked on a number of comprehensive planning projects around the United States, and has several years of experience in local government, including the planning staffs of Palm Beach County, Florida and Denver, Colorado.  While his portfolio includes high profile projects – including being Palm Beach County’s project manager for the plan amendments related to the Scripps Research Institute – he has also developed a continue reading  >>

Understanding Planning Basics

Outlier’s Planning Basics page, a resource…

intended to help ordinary citizens understand planning concepts and issues, the legal environment for planning and analytical techniques and methods used in planning.  Planning Basics has two parts: one, links to external resources; and two, a growing collection of original Outlier material, such as blog posts and videos, designed to acquaint citizens with  the knowledge and skills they need to become citizen planners.  continue reading  >>

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Outlier Blogs frequently…

about Planning issues in Florida, ideas for improving the practice of planning consulting and bringing planning knowledge to interested citizens. Click here to check out our blog.

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